#Doorsets Doors - Dubh Crittle NM5B

Dubh Crittall NM5BK

+   Dubh Crittall Door

We are delighted to introduce our new Dubh Crittall Collection of doors.
Finished in striking black colour, the Dubh Crittall Collection brings a more modern, urban feel to your home. The Dubh Crittall Collection are the perfect doors for anyone who wants to create that urban, industrial style in their home.

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Solid NM5BK
2032 x 864 X 44mm
2032 x 813 x 44mm
1981 x 762 x 44mm
1981 x 711 x 44mm
1981 X 660 X 44mm
1981 x 610 x 44mm

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“I have been dealing with doorsets for past 5 years very efficient and helpful I would highly recommend this company top class Eddie and staff”


“Been dealing with Doorsets for many years on various large and small projects and would recommend them for Doorsets & Stairs. Have a large premises and good team of people working there”

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